James Patterson's ZOO the graphic novel: IN STORES NOW!

Snapshot from ZOO the graphic novel, I had the pleasure of adapting and drawing.  Available now to order online and in a bookstore near you!  Just in time for the holidays!

Out now from Yen Press!  Check out the preview at CBR.

Order online HERE


fedres420 said...

I got mine last week, but have not yet read it. Andy, I would be interested in how this came about, who initiated it? You or them? Post it up, and it can only add to the interest.

Andy MacDonald said...

I met Kurt Hassler from http://www.yenpress.com/ at C2E2 back in 2011 and we talked about a project he had in the works where my work might be a fit. Zoo was that project!

fedres420 said...

So, by "had in the works" you mean he had access to the rights and handed you the novel and said "go get it kid, make me proud". Or something like that?

Andy MacDonald said...

Pretty much, yeah. Yen Press has worked with James Patterson on a bunch of books, such as Maximum Ride, but this is the first time the book and graphic novel adaptation have been released almost simultaneously.