Firestorm - 3

Another Firestorm redesign. 'Cuz nothing says "holidays" like new kicks for Firestorm.



GRITTY BREW - The Root Beer Baron Strikes!

Cleveland's Root Beer Baron John G. had a birthday a while back (his 176th I believe) featuring Pumpkin-infused craft root beer. Here's the label I drew up for the bottles, with colors by Chuck BB.


Warlock Sketch

Find out more about Warlock HERE. I have no better idea of how to explain what Warlock is.


The Terminator 1984 #2 IN STORES October 27th!

In Stores NOW! Run Comic fans! Run to your favorite comics-selling establishment and get them Terminator 1984 #2 copies! More info at darkhorse.com.

Just so's you don't lose yourself inside a fury of Terminator 1984 withdrawal, there's a big ol' monster of a preview HERE.


San Diego COMIC CON 2010

The call to San Diego Comic Con has been sounded Champions! The call too is sounded to swing by the Dark Horse booth on Saturday from 11:00 to 12:ish to get some The Terminator: 2029 books signed by myself and writer Zack Whedon! So come 'round, say hello, get covered in signatures and if you like you can pick up a print of the above image. Supplies are extremely limited, so get it before it gets got!


The Terminator 2029 #3 IN STORES May 26th!

In stores near you THIS WEEK. Get your copy before they get your clothes, boots and motorcycles.


P:R Canary on the Catwalk: results are in

Project: Rooftop's Canary on the Catwalk design contest results are in! A TON of really great re-designs for Black Canary here, go check them out! Here's my entry with a color assist from the masterful Nic Klein.


This weekend: Chicago's C2E2

Here's a sketch I did at the MoCCA festival for their sketch benefit.

Get one for yourself at this weekend's C2E2 in Chicago! I'm not listed in artist's alley, but I can promise to you that I will be there. Possibly full of deeply dished cheese-centric food.


Terminator 2029 #2 Preview at CBR

Preview it HERE! Pages and pages of nuclear apocalypse survivors blasting and getting blasted!
Be the envy of all the other kids in your bunker complex and order Terminator 2029 #2 HERE. In comic stores near you April 28th.


IN STORES THIS WEEK: Terminator 2029 #1

Here's the cover to keep an eye out for this week in your local comic book store champions!

If Wednesday is too long a wait and you need a little fix, you can check out a MAKING OF at darkhorse.com. It's a great feature on the site and I hope you all enjoy it!


Doctor Emo

After a long day of tyrant-ing, sometimes a doctor relaxes with a tall glass of Cosmic Cube.


Long time between posts

Thank you for your patience. More art posts on the way!

In the meantime, feast your eyeballs on this super-sweet cover to Terminator #3 by Massimo Carnevale!

On sale MAY 26th.


Comic Book Resources' TERMINATOR DAY


Interviews with myself and writer Zack Whedon about The Terminator series from Dark Horse Comics. Read em' and rejoice champions!

Since you've all been so good this year, here's Massimo Carnevale's fantastic cover to The Terminator #2:
Pre-order your very own issues of The Terminator #1 HERE, and The Terminator #2 HERE.


The Thing vs. Doombots

-verb (used with object) Slang.
1. to batter severely; strike heavily.
2. to defeat decisively; drub; trounce.
3. to denounce or criticize vigorously.


Happy New Year!

Auld Lang Syne and all that. Thank you all and cheers to a great 2010: the year we make contact.