Release the hounds

of Charity! Piece done for the Bridgewater P.B.A. charity art auction.

It's kind of a take on those guys that would ride around on Hellhounds on Apokolips. Kind of. It's also a greener way to commute, so maybe you should reconsider that SUV you just bought.


New Projects: Come with me if you want to live

Zack Whedon talks about writing the upcoming Terminator mini-series from Dark Horse at Newsarama. Who can be the artist on this new mini-series? Well my champion friends, to find out this and more you should read on!



Con Sketch: Black Manta

It's an old sketch, but I still enjoy drawing a character who knows how to avoid decompression sickness.


Dr. Strange and Eternity

Not doing anything wrong. Or weird. Just a couple of dudes hanging out, having a safe, good time in the netherverse. A convention sketch from last week's Big Apple Convention.



Get on the floor! Or just gather 'round for a minute to learn more about a spritely young gal with an itch for adventure and apparently a bunch of reckless ways to scratch it.

Convention sketch from last weekend's Big Apple Convention.



Getting out of the studio for a minute to do some signing and sketching at a couple of conventions this October. Really looking forward to these shows and seeing you there!


THE END LEAGUE #9 - for your pre-ordering satisfaction!

PRE-ORDER! Just LOOK how available it is for pre-order through darkhorse.com! Be STUNNED stone-cold speechless at all the information you will need to pre-order a copy for you as well as hundreds of additional copies for your friends and loved-ones!

Pre-order THE END LEAGUE #9 now! Just in time for a late Halloween gift. And don't forget: the holidays are right around the corner and no one wants to get caught at the big parties without their copies of The End League #9! Gents, let's be frank here, Valentine's Day is basically right around the corner and this is THE perfect opportunity for you to show your gal just how much she means to you.

Now gentle friends, if the flood of reasons just listed still don't have you a'clamorin for your fifteen copies of The End League #9, then I don't know what else will warm that chilly heart. Other than writer, master-wordsmith and gentleman-adventurer, Rick Remender's words of advice for young people on reading The End League, that is!


Miss America 70th Anniversary Special - Interview

Here's in interview with writer Jen Van Meter about the upcoming Miss America 70th Anniversary Special.  A good look into what's in store for Miss America as well as some preview pages.


Robocop never actually wore a badge

At least, not that I remember ever seeing. Was it in his other leg? Only his doctor and Mrs. Robocop know for sure.



Written by Jen Van Meter
Art by Andy MacDonald
Cover by Dale Eaglesham
Variant Cover by Marcos Martin
A brand new adventure of one of comics' original super-heroines!  Plus an extra-special classic reprint of one of her original 1940s adventures.  See more at Newsarama's Marvel solicitations for June!
Order early and often!
Diamond order code:  APR090432

Ghost Rider

Rides for vengeance.  And the perfect turtleneck.



For you, cutie. Listening to some stuff today reminded me of this piece, so I dug it out and introduced it to technology. And you.


Hey martial arts fans: Are you ready to get your guts kicked out!?

With trick arrows? I should certainly hope so. This one's from a couple years ago, but it still had some of that new sketch smell, so I dug it out.


Technology! - Comics for your iPhone

A free preview of a book that I've been working on for A Wave Blue World is now available on iTunes!  Search "iverse media" and scroll down to "American Terrorist" and check it out, like so:


President's Day!

Celebrate President's Day with Spiderman, Captain America and Lincoln in a six-page-tastic comicsplosion written by Matt Fraction, drawn by me with color by Commander Nick Filardi at Marvel.com.


NYCC - Commission

Batman and the Batpod commission for pickup at the New York Comic Con.


New York Comicon 2009

ONE WEEK AWAY. Prepare yourselves!

In the meantime, here's a drawing of Deadpool. Drawn special just for Comicon. And you.


Iron Man - Mark 1

And, just in case you're wondering who got the Grammy for best female rock vocal performance in 1986...

Enjoy the new soundtrack for your day.


Con Sketch: Gambit

Which reminds me, have you secured your weekend pass for New York Comic Con? I hope so. I'll be there waiting to shake your hand.