Blue Monday: Blue Streak

Marvel Comics' Bluestreak.  Not sure if it's the rocket skates or not, but I imagine this guy to be a real jerk.  Somewhere below supervillain but above road hog.  The limitations of being restricted to smooth, solid surfaces and the resultant chip on his shoulder might be what would make him a great hired bruiser.  Or maybe he really just loves Saturdays in the park.



BEARS! Another peek into my upcoming book, ZOO by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.


Blue Monday: Blue Jay

DC Comics' Blue Jay isn't a character that I am at all familiar with but I guess he's got quite a history.  This redesign may be a little on-the-nose, but the original (with all due respect to creators Mike Friedrich and Dick Dillin) doesn't really seem to give him any attention one way or the other and ends up a bit of Hawkman-lite.  So here's to a New 52 wave of Blue Jay comics.  Because you demanded it!


Gillis Superheroes! Comic Art Benefit Show

I have donated art for sale to Gillis to benefit abused and at risk children and families.  Please check out the site and if you wish, buy some original comic art to help out a good cause.

HERE is a link to the site with my work for sale, but please feel free to buy any and all art you see available through the site.

Here's one of the pages up for sale:


Marvel Comics' Ronin

This guy's all over the place.  There have been like three different people who have all been Ronin at one time or another.  I don't know which one this is.


Blue Monday: Blue Shield

Blue Shield's first appearance was in Dazzler #5 over 30 years ago.  The old boy hasn't aged a day.  [note to add, I think I may have unconsciously made him into Beach Head]


ZOO - Double Secret Project REVEALED

The book I've been working on for ages is ready to make itself known to the world!  The cover has popped up at Yen Press' booth #1116 in San Diego Comic Con.  
Whilst at SDCC, stop by and say hello to the champions of Yen Press today!

Meet:  ZOO  

Written by James Patterson and Micheal Ledwidge and Adapted and drawn by me with the invaluable guidance of Yen Press Senior Editor JuYoun Lee and Publishing Director Kurt Hassler.

Go on ahead and order yourself a copy TODAY!

and since you've all been such great sports, here's another sneak peak:


FIsts of iron and feet of little, tiny yellow sandals.


Blue Monday: Superman Blue

"The second incarnation of Superman Red and Superman Blue began in a 1998 storyline. While temporarily deprived of the solar energy needed to provide the energy his body required to give him powers, Superman had developed electricity-based abilities, which eventually forced him to adopt a blue and white containment suit to prevent the energy dispersing."

Find out more about the Superman Blue, won't you?


Blue Monday: Supergirl Blue

So, I guess Supergirl Blue is an actual thing.  There's also a Supergirl Red, like Superman Red and Blue, but they aren't all electric-y and probably made less people furious when they hit the stands.  Mine's a little redux, but here's the original getup.

If you want to see some for-real, actual Supergirl awesomeness,  check out the champion Cory Walker's site right now!