CKD: G.I. Joe destroyer

Another New York Comic Con commission of action figure aficionado, Nick Rega's creation: CKD [Crush, Kill, Destroy].  A super cyborg hunter killer of G.I. Joes and the like.



Bloodwulf -  "an alien bounty hunter from the planet Luap'ur where he lives with his multiple wives and brood of children. He craves a life of action, however, and is always ready and willing to leave his quiet, domestic life behind for grand space adventures."  

Work and Family.  Just in time for Thanksgiving.


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Seen here with Deepak Chopra's Super Brain.

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Monday! Gunday! Monday!: Cyber Force's Stryker

This is Stryker from Cyber Force.  He probably should be carrying bigger, crazier guns for this, but he does have four arms.  What he lacks in arms, he makes up for in arms.


Mos Eisley Cantina

Star Wars' Mos Eisley Cantina.  The haunt of freight pilots and other dangerous characters of various alien races and franchises.


ZOO New York Comic Con BANNER

In case you missed it:  Yen put up a HUGE banner for ZOO at New York Comic Con for all to see.  I also blasted it with beams of excitement. Did I mention it was a HUGE banner?  It was HUGE.


Monday! Gunday! Monday!: Cable

Cable is from the future, so his guns probably emit deadlier things than bullets.


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