Croc Master

Croc Master reimagined by action figure aficionado Nick Rega.

Green Lantern Corps

Still digging through the old files. Here's a few Green Lanterns I found from 2005. A time when Hollaback Girl was no. 1 on the charts and Crash was a movie that people had any interest in watching.


Iron Man - Iron Centurion

The only story I've read from the Iron Centurion era was Iron Man #232. If you haven't seen it/read it, you should. It's a fantastic read, story and art. Tony Stark vs. His Demons.


The Old Stuff

An old drawing of Transformer/some-times-police-car, Prowl. See, he's a police car, but he's also a giant robot. This makes people a little nervous sometimes, so they overreact and call the police. Patrolmen vs. Patrolcar.