Blue Monday: Blue Eagle

Marvel Comics' Blue Eagle.  I haven't read enough Squadron Supreme to know this guy's story, but for some reason I picture him being an agro madman.  Like a Judge Dredd with wings.  But I'm sure he's actually just a swell fella with a bird suit.

Here he is in his regular Squadron Supreme getup:


ZOO - Cover

The cover to the upcoming graphic novel, ZOO! More information and links to order it HERE


The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Reduxe: Kiber The Cruel

Favorite Activities:  Being Cruel
Guilty Pleasures:  Pretending to be "Kiber the Cute"
Ambitions:  Kiber the Cruelest
Best Concert:  Whitesnake
Favorite Books:  Books Adapted from movies


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Reduxe: Porcupine

I done Redid the Porcupine. A little bulkier, a little more quills and a few more buckles. Wanted to kind of give him some more personal protection from them quills he's shaking around at people.  Some armor on the ribs, more face armor and some heavier clothes to maybe keep the deadly, deadly quills from poking around in places they shouldn't.  Because of...  y'know, "yeeouch"


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux: Nitro

I Drew up a redux of NITRO, with color assist from Master Nick Filardi, for the Handbook of the Marvel Universe Reduxe.  Tried to amp him up a little bit and make his suit part containment suit when walking around, part shrapnel suit when exploding.  Thought maybe his forearm and shin gauntlets would work towards directing explosive blasts or flight.  Maybe... or maybe he just loves the gold.  Who's to say?