Double Secret Project - update 03

Update for the double secret project: At least one bear will attack something.  When I can tell you more, you will be the first to know.  Stay tuned!




Put all these guys together in one shot.  Thought I would round out the cast from the 90s show to finish up with the X-Men.  

No other reason to stop with this cast of members than to set limits.  I might pick up with a different group or team next.  Any suggestions?


DUPLICATE - in stores this July!

The book I did the art for, Decoy, is now called DUPLICATE and will be in stores this July!  Use the order code: MAY121187 at your local comic shop (what's that? Find one HERE) and order the hell out of it!

Find out TONS more information from writer Mark Sable HERE
Color by Nick Filardi
Logo by Jared K. Fletcher


X-Men: Storm

Ororo Munroe.  A fictional character that appears in a number of Marvel Comics.