Croc Master

Croc Master reimagined by action figure aficionado Nick Rega.

Green Lantern Corps

Still digging through the old files. Here's a few Green Lanterns I found from 2005. A time when Hollaback Girl was no. 1 on the charts and Crash was a movie that people had any interest in watching.


Iron Man - Iron Centurion

The only story I've read from the Iron Centurion era was Iron Man #232. If you haven't seen it/read it, you should. It's a fantastic read, story and art. Tony Stark vs. His Demons.


The Old Stuff

An old drawing of Transformer/some-times-police-car, Prowl. See, he's a police car, but he's also a giant robot. This makes people a little nervous sometimes, so they overreact and call the police. Patrolmen vs. Patrolcar.


New York Comic Con 2011 - Daredevil cover recreation

Cover recreation/sketch from New York Comic Con 2011.

Remember back in the day when Marvel's summer event "Inferno" unleashed hell on Earth, specifically New York City? Everything was possessed, would come to life and attack people. It was amazing. You should collect and read every issue related to the event. Hell on Earth, kids. I THINK it was all because Cyclops was broken up over Marvel Girl's "death" but still couldn't keep it in his pants. So, of course he started bumping around with a demon queen that looked like Jean Grey. More harm than good, that Cyclops. I don't know, I guess I would be kind of a jerk too if I could shoot lasers out of my eyes.

Oh, here's the cover of one of those issues from Inferno that I recreated up top.


DECOY - coming soon

Mark Sable wrote it, so you should see what he has to say about it HERE.

Diamond code SEP111131


NYCC 2011 was a great NYCC

Here's a sketch I did for the NYCC 2011. It's Gear from the Legion of Superheroes.
I had a great time at the NYCC and it's all because of every one of you.


THOR sketch cards

Had to go into the Marvel vaults for some of these Thor characters. I uncovered Mangog and now think he probably needs his own mini-series.

Upper Deck Sketch Cards - THOR

Thor sketch cards!


The Ancient Arts

I've been looking through some old art folders and found some stuff to share. This here's some line art from a poster that John G. and I worked on for Gengis Con a while back.

This here's a Convention Sketch from 2008 of the olde Psylocke from back when she needed armour and was terrified of everything. See kids, when you get a psychic Katana, you too can eschew your full body armour for a skimpy one piece and some ninja shoes.


NYC: Monday, March 14th - Japanese Culinary Center

Got an interest in sake and Marvel Comics' new 5 Ronin series? Well, come on down to this here event at the Japanese Culinary Center in New York City! More info HERE.

Get your tickets HERE today!


The Terminator 2029 to 1984 Trade Paperback

The collected edition of Terminator: 2029 #1-3 AND Terminator: 1984 #1-3 is coming to a store near you June 22, 2011, but you can pre-order your copy NOW!

More info HERE.

Pre-Order your copy now HERE.


In Stores NOW: Superman 80-Page Giant 2011

That's right, kids! It's time to sprint to your local comic shop to pick up a copy of SUPERMAN 80 PAGE GIANT 2011! More info HERE.
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