Red Monday: Red Bee

DC Comics' The Red Bee.  The niece of the original Quality Comics' Red Bee.  He was some dude with a stun gun and she was infested by alien bees that mutated her into a giant bee woman.  


Red Monday: Crimson Bolt

The Crimson Bolt from the motion picture Super starring a gang of people you like to see.


Red Monday: Red Lantern Atrocitus

Atrocitus is an angry fella who hangs out with a bunch of other angry folks who spit napalm around and have a tough time working through their issues.


Sketch Lottery: Lion-O

Lion-O, Point Guard for the Third Earth Thundercats.  
Mixed up some old and new Lion-O design stuff for kicks. 

For the Sketch Lottery sketchamablog.

Also:  Welcome back and Happy New Year!