James Patterson's ZOO the graphic novel: IN STORES NOW!

Snapshot from ZOO the graphic novel, I had the pleasure of adapting and drawing.  Available now to order online and in a bookstore near you!  Just in time for the holidays!

Out now from Yen Press!  Check out the preview at CBR.

Order online HERE


Monday! Gunday! Monday!: Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger by action figure aficionado, Nick Rega.  An alternate-G.I. Joe timeline creation of a super sniper for the Oktober Guard.  He's got some sort of quantum phase relativity sniper rifle doodad that annihilates the target at theoretically before the trigger is even pulled. It's one crazy ass gun. Sketch for NYCC 2012.


CKD: G.I. Joe destroyer

Another New York Comic Con commission of action figure aficionado, Nick Rega's creation: CKD [Crush, Kill, Destroy].  A super cyborg hunter killer of G.I. Joes and the like.



Bloodwulf -  "an alien bounty hunter from the planet Luap'ur where he lives with his multiple wives and brood of children. He craves a life of action, however, and is always ready and willing to leave his quiet, domestic life behind for grand space adventures."  

Work and Family.  Just in time for Thanksgiving.


ZOO in stores NOW!

Go out and get a copy of ZOO at your local bookstore TODAY!  
Seen here with Deepak Chopra's Super Brain.

Afraid to leave the house?  Order yourself up a copy, right to your door HERE!


Monday! Gunday! Monday!: Cyber Force's Stryker

This is Stryker from Cyber Force.  He probably should be carrying bigger, crazier guns for this, but he does have four arms.  What he lacks in arms, he makes up for in arms.


Mos Eisley Cantina

Star Wars' Mos Eisley Cantina.  The haunt of freight pilots and other dangerous characters of various alien races and franchises.


ZOO New York Comic Con BANNER

In case you missed it:  Yen put up a HUGE banner for ZOO at New York Comic Con for all to see.  I also blasted it with beams of excitement. Did I mention it was a HUGE banner?  It was HUGE.


Monday! Gunday! Monday!: Cable

Cable is from the future, so his guns probably emit deadlier things than bullets.


ZOO pre-orders arriving NOW!

Proof of an actual copy of Zoo that an actual person has just received in the mail from an actual pre-order.

It can happen to you too, champions!  Just order one HERE.


Defenders vs. Mephisto

Commission piece of Mephisto drinking a tall glass of Defenders for New York Comic Con



Agents of ATLAS

A comic book series with a gun-toting, talking gorilla, a extendo-arm robot, a spaceman, a mermaid, a siren and a superspy should mathematically continue on a monthly basis forever.


Dress your family in gorillas and fire

Get yourself a T-shirt very much like this one ONLY at this year's

Artist Alley Table N3

Just look for this banner and you will know you are in the right spot.


The Breakfastables

Every breakfast has a hero.  This one has them all.

October 11-14
Javits Center
Table N3

Breakfast today. Legends Forever.



4-Lom, the bounty hunter?!  You probably only knew about 4-Lom, the financial advisor and CPA.  There are more 4-Loms in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your hokey religions and ancient weapons. Find out more HERE

The Breakfastables - Tony

"You know, it's not Grrrreat being your friend."  - Tony


The Breakfastables - Cap'n

"We are the choco and the berries, we crunchitize. We are the cap'ns that crunch in the night."  - Crunch.

Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe Redux: TORPEDO

OHOTMU Reduxe:  TORPEDO - Color assist from the Prime MInister of Coloring, Nick Filardi.  Not sure if the new headgear makes any more aerodynamic sense than the original, but let's say it's better for steering.  Those things on his arms and legs were nuclear turbines, so I made them more turbine-y.  Torpedo's getup is made from the same technology as Rom's Spaceknight gear, so I tried to get him to look a little more like they were made in the same space factory.



Blue Monday: Blue Eagle

Marvel Comics' Blue Eagle.  I haven't read enough Squadron Supreme to know this guy's story, but for some reason I picture him being an agro madman.  Like a Judge Dredd with wings.  But I'm sure he's actually just a swell fella with a bird suit.

Here he is in his regular Squadron Supreme getup:


ZOO - Cover

The cover to the upcoming graphic novel, ZOO! More information and links to order it HERE


The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Reduxe: Kiber The Cruel

Favorite Activities:  Being Cruel
Guilty Pleasures:  Pretending to be "Kiber the Cute"
Ambitions:  Kiber the Cruelest
Best Concert:  Whitesnake
Favorite Books:  Books Adapted from movies


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Reduxe: Porcupine

I done Redid the Porcupine. A little bulkier, a little more quills and a few more buckles. Wanted to kind of give him some more personal protection from them quills he's shaking around at people.  Some armor on the ribs, more face armor and some heavier clothes to maybe keep the deadly, deadly quills from poking around in places they shouldn't.  Because of...  y'know, "yeeouch"


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux: Nitro

I Drew up a redux of NITRO, with color assist from Master Nick Filardi, for the Handbook of the Marvel Universe Reduxe.  Tried to amp him up a little bit and make his suit part containment suit when walking around, part shrapnel suit when exploding.  Thought maybe his forearm and shin gauntlets would work towards directing explosive blasts or flight.  Maybe... or maybe he just loves the gold.  Who's to say?


Blue Monday: Blue Streak

Marvel Comics' Bluestreak.  Not sure if it's the rocket skates or not, but I imagine this guy to be a real jerk.  Somewhere below supervillain but above road hog.  The limitations of being restricted to smooth, solid surfaces and the resultant chip on his shoulder might be what would make him a great hired bruiser.  Or maybe he really just loves Saturdays in the park.



BEARS! Another peek into my upcoming book, ZOO by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.


Blue Monday: Blue Jay

DC Comics' Blue Jay isn't a character that I am at all familiar with but I guess he's got quite a history.  This redesign may be a little on-the-nose, but the original (with all due respect to creators Mike Friedrich and Dick Dillin) doesn't really seem to give him any attention one way or the other and ends up a bit of Hawkman-lite.  So here's to a New 52 wave of Blue Jay comics.  Because you demanded it!


Gillis Superheroes! Comic Art Benefit Show

I have donated art for sale to Gillis to benefit abused and at risk children and families.  Please check out the site and if you wish, buy some original comic art to help out a good cause.

HERE is a link to the site with my work for sale, but please feel free to buy any and all art you see available through the site.

Here's one of the pages up for sale:


Marvel Comics' Ronin

This guy's all over the place.  There have been like three different people who have all been Ronin at one time or another.  I don't know which one this is.