Professor Blastoff: Wagonini

The Professor Blastoff podcast is a big ol' pile of Awesome that I can't recommend highly enough.  Hosts Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger have great chemistry that is superfun to listen to. If you like Awesome, this is a podcast you need to listen to.

Listen to it and find out the origins of the Wagonini!

(clean version: no hogs hanging out)



Cafe racer of vengeance?  Modified by the lords of hell for speed and handling rather than comfort.  This vengeance is dealt quick and deftly.

And just for kicks:  GhostRiderishness



Blastaar The Living Bomb Burst - a space bear from the Negative Zone.

Blastaar gives you the rundown HERE.  There's lots to learn from that guy.