New York Comic Con 2011 - Daredevil cover recreation

Cover recreation/sketch from New York Comic Con 2011.

Remember back in the day when Marvel's summer event "Inferno" unleashed hell on Earth, specifically New York City? Everything was possessed, would come to life and attack people. It was amazing. You should collect and read every issue related to the event. Hell on Earth, kids. I THINK it was all because Cyclops was broken up over Marvel Girl's "death" but still couldn't keep it in his pants. So, of course he started bumping around with a demon queen that looked like Jean Grey. More harm than good, that Cyclops. I don't know, I guess I would be kind of a jerk too if I could shoot lasers out of my eyes.

Oh, here's the cover of one of those issues from Inferno that I recreated up top.


DECOY - coming soon

Mark Sable wrote it, so you should see what he has to say about it HERE.

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