Defenders vs. Mephisto

Commission piece of Mephisto drinking a tall glass of Defenders for New York Comic Con



Agents of ATLAS

A comic book series with a gun-toting, talking gorilla, a extendo-arm robot, a spaceman, a mermaid, a siren and a superspy should mathematically continue on a monthly basis forever.


Dress your family in gorillas and fire

Get yourself a T-shirt very much like this one ONLY at this year's

Artist Alley Table N3

Just look for this banner and you will know you are in the right spot.


The Breakfastables

Every breakfast has a hero.  This one has them all.

October 11-14
Javits Center
Table N3

Breakfast today. Legends Forever.



4-Lom, the bounty hunter?!  You probably only knew about 4-Lom, the financial advisor and CPA.  There are more 4-Loms in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your hokey religions and ancient weapons. Find out more HERE

The Breakfastables - Tony

"You know, it's not Grrrreat being your friend."  - Tony


The Breakfastables - Cap'n

"We are the choco and the berries, we crunchitize. We are the cap'ns that crunch in the night."  - Crunch.

Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe Redux: TORPEDO

OHOTMU Reduxe:  TORPEDO - Color assist from the Prime MInister of Coloring, Nick Filardi.  Not sure if the new headgear makes any more aerodynamic sense than the original, but let's say it's better for steering.  Those things on his arms and legs were nuclear turbines, so I made them more turbine-y.  Torpedo's getup is made from the same technology as Rom's Spaceknight gear, so I tried to get him to look a little more like they were made in the same space factory.