The Way Of Shadows Graphic Novel cometh!

Another scene from The Way Of Shadows. Adapted from book one of Brent Weeks' Night Angel Trilogy. published by Yen Press

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The Way Of Shadows: the graphic novel

Graphic novel adaptation of Brent Weeks' The Way of Shadows is on the way!  

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Green Thursday: Green Mask

The Green Mask!  The original character had some guns, a paralyzer pistol and a regular old mask.  Kept the guns, but the properties of the mask changed up a bit.


Green Thursday: Green Turtle

The Green Turtle!  Reworked as kind of a turtle-themed Iron Man.  The original Green Turtle had a Turtle Plane and a crazy cape, but I've combined them here to make a flying cape of armor and armory.  Or... I've just been watching too much Gamera lately.

OH!  Check out the return of the first ever Asian-American superhero in Gene Juen Yang and Sonny Liew's upcoming The Shadow Hero trade paperback in July!