Green Thursday: Green Ghost

The Green Ghost! - 
The Ghost was really magician and occult investigator George Chance, who put his skills to use fighting crime, aided by his wife, Betty. 


Future's End #38 - In Stores TODAY

"Hey! You've bot your Joker in my Batman!" "And you bot Batman in my Joker!"

DC Comics Future's End 38 - in stores today

Preview HERE


Green Thursday: Green Knight

The Green Knight - appeared in only two issues of Dynamic Comics in the 40s before fading into obscurity.  



Way Of Shadows - Book Signing!


HEADS-UP:  Park Slope Barnes & Noble book signing 
is coming up on November 22nd, at 6pm!

Come by, get books, have them books signed, pick up some limited edition extras


Batman vs. Mr. Freeze and Catwoman

An old commission I found to post for the release of Future's End #28.
In Stores Wednesday, Nov. 12!

11x17 - pen, ink and suspense!